Academic Upgrading

Our Academic Upgrading program here at the Kingston Campus is designed to meet the needs of those who are missing requirements for a college certificate or diploma program. Upon completion, you may be ready to apply to a college-level program or enter an apprenticeship.

The program offers you flexibility of learning online at your pace. You will work in single or multilevel courses, and benefit from the career counselling and assistance with college applications.

Just like building a house, your new career starts with a solid foundation.  Strong English and mathematics skills are important to your pursuit of post secondary education or that new job that is waiting for you.  From ESL to OSSD Credit Acquisition Support program, Academy of Learning Career College in conjunction with community partners, will help assess what your needs are and then design a program around those specific requirements.

The coursework required, pinpointed by your comprehensive assessment results, is supported by Ontario Certified Teachers using the award-winning PLATO Learning Technologies courseware and a wide range of other materials as appropriate. Our learning technologies and one to one instruction give you powerful tools to meet your academic upgrading goals, in a way that is individualized, highly motivating and engaging for adult learners.

The Kingston, Ontario campus of Academy of Learning Career College is listed as a Private School on the Ontario Ministry of Education website.  Click on “Download XLSX” at the bottom of the page and the list will open in Microsoft Excel.


Take the first step towards completing your
Ontario Secondary School Diploma or Upgrade your Transcript

We offer programs for high school graduates, new Canadians or students educated outside of Ontario who need to upgrade their marks for acceptance into a desired College or University program.

We also help Ontario students pursue their goals by completing their Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Academy of Learning is partnered with Quinte Adult Education – Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board to provide students with access to Ontario curriculum online courses for high school credits towards OSSD.

We offer the following Academic Upgrading programs:

Pitman English is designed specifically for those who wish to improve their English language fluency by developing their reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities.

This course has been designed to accommodate learners’ unique needs by using technology to adapt the course to the specific English proficiency, interests, and goals of each student, and by using videos and games to keep learners engaged.

Course Prerequisites: To be successful in this course, students should have a basic understanding of English.

Of Interest to: This course will be of interest to those who wish to develop their English proficiency for social, academic, or employment needs.

Method of Delivery: Integrated Learning™ System training facilitated by Academy of Learning Career College Learning Coaches and Online Instructors.

Course Objectives: The purpose of the Pitman English course is to improve students’ English reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills and to develop their vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and fluency.

Study Plan: For maximum benefit, students should reserve one or more hours each day for their Pitman English course –– with a minimum of 30 minutes spent working with the course materials and assessments and a minimum of 30 minutes dedicated to participating in a group lesson.

Course Available:

  1. PTENG01 – Pitman English 1-Month
  2. PTENG03 – Pitman English 3-Month


GED Tests allow people who have not finished high school the opportunity to demonstrate high school academic knowledge and skills.  Successful GED candidates earn the Ontario High School Equivalence Certificate.

Our Ontario Certified Teachers combine one-to-one instruction using cutting edge curriculum and support materials with the effectiveness and flexibility of an accommodated, Student-Centred Learning Environment in order to assess and prepare adults for writing their GED.

Our GED program will help clients whose skills are above a grade 9 level, who do not have a high school Diploma and require too many credits, taking too much time, in order to acquire this credential.  The GED program will prepare clients for College or technical programs. In some cases, the GED (often with individual computer literacy courses) qualifies a client for employment in their chosen Occupation goal.

TVO administers the Independent Learning Centre (ILC), the province’s designated provider of distance learning.


OSSD is a benchmark education credential in Ontario looked upon by many employers as a “must have” when going through their new employee selection process.  Academy of Learning Career and Business College works closely with area school boards in determining appropriate course selection, with our primary focus being on strengthening English and Mathematics skill levels.

In addition, we can provide mature student Prior Learning Assessment/Recognition (PLAR) preparation and testing services, thereby helping reduce timelines and cost by granting credits toward a client’s diploma.

Our OSSD credit acquisition support program (up to a maximum of 8 credits) will help those who do not have a high school diploma, but whose skills are at or above the Grade 10 level, to prepare for College or technical programs. In some cases, the OSSD (often with a few occupationally focused and computer literacy courses) can qualify you for employment in your identified Occupational goals.


Where it is not practical for you to attain an OSSD or GED, you can qualify for admission as a Mature Student by demonstrating Grade 11 level skills in mathematics and reading comprehension as determined through the Canadian Achievement Survey Test for Adults (CAST) Testing, approved by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

If you require upgrading to qualify for entry into the college, a short program of Adult Basic Educational (ABE) upgrading will help you attain the essential skills to satisfy our Mature Student College Admission requirements.  The program, concentrating primarily on Reading Comprehension and Mathematics, prepares you to succeed in a full MTCU approved College Diploma or Certificate Program.


Although you may have your secondary school courses and diploma needed to qualify for entry into the college, these skills were often acquired decades ago.  Clients are frequently and justifiably concerned about their ability to apply/demonstrate those skills when needed in a college classroom.  A simple Canadian Achievent Survey Test for Adults (CAST) can identify areas where review is needed, and we can propose a short remedial/review program targeted to the specific areas of identified need and/or upcoming postsecondary program requirements.

Common Review Areas include:  Basic Math, Writing, Grammar and other courses as required for a specific postsecondary program of enrolment.  Not all senior level OSSD credits are supported.


This program addresses your numeracy and literacy shortfalls below the Grade 9 Secondary School Level. LBS training provides academic upgrading to assist clients in accessing higher level training programs and/or employment.

You receive an individualized training plan that is designed to meet your specific needs.  Based on assessment test results undertaken at the college or provided by you, each curriculum area is at skill-appropriate levels and only in the areas where testing indicates a training need. Training is provided in Language Arts – Reading & Writing, Grammar and Mathematics.

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