Business and Office Accounting Clerk


The Business & Office Accounting Clerk Diploma program provides the student with opportunities to acquire and apply the knowledge of business accounting and office skills to meet the demands of today’s business environment.

DURATION: 27 weeks


The skills to calculate, prepare and issue invoices and other financial statements using manual and computerized accounting. The ability to process, verify and balance financial records, business transactions and enter data in a ledger or computerized system.

The understanding of how to compile budget data and documents based on estimated revenues and expenses and previous budgets. The knowledge to prepare payroll cheques, utility tax payments, tax remittances, pension contributions, complete worker’s compensation forms and other government related forms.


Grade 12 or equivalent or Mature Student Status. Courses are open to any applicant who possesses a good command of the English language and can follow instructions. Applicants whose first language is not English must provide proof of English proficiency.

An admissions interview will be administered to determine if the applicant has the required interest, motivation, and entry-level skills to take this program.

Full-time students must attend the required hours per week as per the course schedule and may do so at times convenient to them.


  • Accounting / Auditing & Billing Clerk
  • Accounting Payable / Receivable
  • Budget & Costing Clerk
  • Finance or Invoice Clerk
  • Tax Services Clerk
  • Bookkeeper


Anticipated salary: C$29,176 – C$49,178 (Information from PayScale Canada)
Program Category: Business

Program Syllabus: Click to Download

AOLCC KingstonBusiness and Office Accounting Clerk