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Business Administration- The Drive to Succeed and the New Road Forward

Business Administration: The Drive to Succeed and the New Road Forward

Academy of Learning Career College offers short, comprehensive diploma programs that will provide training in the following key areas: competent application of computer skills and technology, e-commerce, business correspondence, office procedures, project management, and employment strategies.

Accounting Payroll Administration – A Career You Can Count On

Accounting Payroll Administration – A Career You Can Count On

As an accounting and payroll clerk, you may expect comfortable wages and job security that has seen little to no decline in demand. On the higher end, compensation in payroll & accounting careers can reach up to $29.98 or higher per hour, or $50,384.00 median salary.

medical office administration programs Mississauga West

Is Medical Office Administration a solid career choice in Canada?

To qualify for the role of Medical Office Administrator, you need to develop the necessary skills and knowledge in order to fulfill the requirements of the role. At Academy of Learning Career College, students are able to complete a full MOA diploma program in less than a year, making them job-ready as soon as possible.

Want a Successful Career in Business Management: You Need to Know This

As a business manager, you are given the major responsibility of managing administrative tasks for a business. Today, employers are looking for professionals who have a clear understanding of systems, efficiency, and operational issues. They want multi-tasking business managers who can manage accounting, marketing, and administrative procedures well in order to run the business efficiently and


Debra-Ann L.

I was very apprehensive about going back to school at my age as I had been a stay-at-home mom for many years. It was time for me to finally do something for myself, and it was now or never. I knew I needed to upgrade my skills in order to get a job, but I


Megan A.

“I always thought college was never going to work for me but AOLCC gave me the chance to really show my talent. Being able to go at my own pace and taking courses one by one as opposed to traditional college, I was able to focus and excel at my studies instead of getting overwhelmed


Ghada I.

My favourite part about being at the Academy of Learning Career College, Kingston campus, was the hope that the staff and other students had. I was truly inspired to be studying at AOLCC because of that motivational environment. It didn’t matter who anybody was, their age or background, anybody could come back and study what


Deborah L.

As a student at Academy of Learning Career College, I found the Learning Coaches to be very patient, understanding and helpful. The college is very well organized and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to continue their education. Deborah L. – Medical Office Administration Graduate


Diana K.

I first stepped into the Academy of Learning Career College with the goal of obtaining my OSSD.  As someone new to Canada, it was important for me to upgrade my skills to meet the educational requirements of my community.  At that time, I had no confidence and was feeling broken due to many personal issues: