Success Stories


Debra-Ann L.

I was very apprehensive about going back to school at my age as I had been a stay-at-home mom for many years. It was time for me to finally do something for myself, and it was now or never. I knew I needed to upgrade my skills in order to get a job, but I


Megan A.

“I always thought college was never going to work for me but AOLCC gave me the chance to really show my talent. Being able to go at my own pace and taking courses one by one as opposed to traditional college, I was able to focus and excel at my studies instead of getting overwhelmed


Ghada I.

My favourite part about being at the Academy of Learning Career College, Kingston campus, was the hope that the staff and other students had. I was truly inspired to be studying at AOLCC because of that motivational environment. It didn’t matter who anybody was, their age or background, anybody could come back and study what


Deborah L.

As a student at Academy of Learning Career College, I found the Learning Coaches to be very patient, understanding and helpful. The college is very well organized and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to continue their education. Deborah L. – Medical Office Administration Graduate


Diana K.

I first stepped into the Academy of Learning Career College with the goal of obtaining my OSSD.  As someone new to Canada, it was important for me to upgrade my skills to meet the educational requirements of my community.  At that time, I had no confidence and was feeling broken due to many personal issues:


Cristina P.

I have traveled the world, seen many places, met and interacted with many, many people, and I am here to tell you that Academy of Learning Career College, Kingston, has provided me with memories I will cherish for a lifetime! My first three months at AOLCC, I was worried that the program I had chosen

Colleen P

Colleen P.

I have attended Academy of Learning Career College since October,2019 in the Business Accounting Diploma program. This is a fast-paced, learn-on-your-own program. I enjoyed coming to campus every day. There are a lot of interesting people taking courses and it is fun to compare notes on the similarities between various program content. There is a


Dianne H.

I had a wonderful experience studying at Kingston’s Academy of Learning Career College. It was challenging going back to school at the age of 54. The instructors made the transition back into college easy and exciting. With that said, the flexible hours allowed me to manage my personal life and my studies with minimal stress. In the classroom, I was


Gregory B.

“Academy of Learning Career College is a great place to maximize your potential and I highly enjoyed learning there.  You can find one in almost any major city. My thumbs are up to the future of all graduates.” Gregory B. – Business Office Skills Diploma


Sumia B.

I want to say the college environment is good and the Learning Coaches are really helpful. Sumia B. – Medical Office Administration Diploma